4 Real Facts about the Scottish Fold Cat Temperament

Everybody in this world has the own temperaments. That is not only for humans but also animals. When you are in gloomy days, you can cheer your mood up by having a joke with your cat. Knowing the Scottish Fold cat temperaments will make you know about what makes them happy and not. Besides taking care of your own mood, you must pay an attention to your cat also. That’s why it is important to know the Scottish Fold cat personality.

scottish fold cat temperament

4 Facts about the Scottish Fold Cat Temperament You Must Know

Before you know how to treat them well, you must know all about their temperaments first. Here 4 facts about their temperaments:

  1. They are smart

They will be very happy to play puzzles. For example, you hide their food, and they guess it. They also like to open and close the cupboard or jar to know if there is anything they can eat.

  1. They are affectionate

They are animals that full of affection. They will know whether you are happy or sad. They also know how to cheer you up, and how to get back of your mood to be cheerful again. One tip to get them closer and love you more is you must often feed them.

  1. They are playful

They are active animals that very happy to have a play. Games such as throwing and catching the balls, chasing each other, or even dancing together, will make them happy. They also like to be outside the house. Such as enjoying the park, or take a walk around the house.

  1. They are quiet

They will be quiet and not noisy. Even when you take them out of the house, they will calm down and not make much noise. If you are looking for a polite cat, they can be the ideal choice. They don’t make a lot of voices and even don’t like it. The sound of their voice is also quite small as compared to their physical size.

The Additional Facts about the Scottish Fold Cat Personality

The Scottish Fold cats can easily adapt to any family size. But, usually, they are not very friendly to kids because the kids usually hurt them. So, make sure the kids are respectful and polite toward the cats. They also don’t like to be alone, because it will make them stress. So, you must have some time for your feline if you have adopted them.

If you are looking for a polite, adorable, and an active cat, the Scottish Fold is the answer. The Scottish Fold Cat temperament makes them easily adopted, and naturally loved!

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