Getting Closer to the Black Scottish Fold Cat

Are you a cat lover or cat maniac? Cats are cute and sensitive animals. They have an adorable face and can understand to the human feelings around them. There are many types of cats in this world, one of them is Black Scottish Fold Cat. Black Scottish Fold Cats have a unique physical appearance. Their ears folded to forward, so they will look like an owl! It is almost similar to the American Curl Cat. The difference is their ears folded to backward. For more detail, let’s get closer to the Black Scottish Fold Cat!

The Character of Black Scottish Fold Cat


Physically, the baby of Black Scottish Fold Cat is born with straight ears and no folded, like the other cats in general. The ears began to fold on age 21 days. Scottish kitten whose ears are not folded, called as “Straight”. Scottish Fold cats have medium weight, around 3 – 6 kilograms. They have a round face, big and round eyes, a small nose with a little curved, and a stocky body with short legs.

What makes them look so funny is because they have a big head with a short neck and wide eyes. Black Scottish Fold Cats are friendly, calm, and can adapt to other animals easily. They will get closer and dearer to the owners who often feed them. They also very happy to play together with you, such as enjoying the walking to the park or playing outside together.

For note, they very hate to the loneliness because it will make them stress and depressed. Actually, Scottish Fold cat has many other names such as lops, lop-eared, and lop-eared rabbit, but after they have been registered in Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GGFC), they are officially named “Scottish Fold”. Besides black, there are also white, brown, and gray as their colors.

black scottish fold cat

Price List of Black Scottish Fold Cat for Sale

You can pay attention to the price list below for an overview of the prices of Black Scottish Fold Cat:

  • Age 3 months has the price around $115 – $192 (not vaccinated)
  • Age 6 months has the price around $384 – $538 (not vaccinated)
  • Age 3 months has the price around $153 – $230 (vaccinated)
  • Age 6 months has the price around $423 – $576 (vaccinated)

Do you think it is overpriced? Actually, it is not. You can compare with the three-month Scottish Fold cat who had been vaccinated in abroad sales, the price reached $175 – $350.

Are you attracted to the adorable Black Scottish Fold Cat? Let’s visit the nearest pet shop immediately and get closer to them!

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