Essential Matters to Know about Blue Scottish Fold Cat

Are you Scottish Fold breeders? If so, you can try to breed the Blue Scottish Fold Cat if you never have it. This kind of cat will give you much joy if this cat stays in your house. There will be some interesting activities you can spend with this cat. It can be so because it is a kind of cat that has nice look and good personalities. There are several common descriptions owned by this cat. If you do not know yet, this time you can start to recognize it.

A brief description of Blue Scottish Fold Cat

Here are several descriptions of this cat that is easy to recognize. Pay attention to the explanation below.

  1. Blue color

Like the name, this cat has dominantly blue color on its body. It seems like the dark blue color. This color can give a calm impression to everyone who sees it. Besides, it is appropriate for someone who does not like the bright color of a cat.

  1. Smooth fur

This cat is nice to touch. One of the reasons is due to its fur. The fur is really smooth. That is why there are some breeders who like to touch this cat and play with it.

  1. Sharp orange eyes

Like other cats, this cat has sharp eyes while staring at something. The color of the eyes is orange. It makes a good combination with its blue color of the fur.

  1. Short ears

For the ears, this cat has the short ones. The shape of its ears is cute to see. This Blue Scottish Fold Cat is different to other common cats that have a little bit long ears.

The personality of the Blue Scottish Fold Cat

There are several personalities you will find when you breed this cat. They are such as:

  1. Friendly to people

This cat can be your friend when you feel lonely at home. This cat is a friendly and easy-going pet for people. So, you can spend much fun time with it.

  1. An active and clever pet

This cat is very active when you ask it to play. It can make many movements. Besides, it is a clever pet. It can move the plate, open cupboard and door, and some other things.

Since the Blue Scottish Fold Cat is a nice pet that has an attractive look and good personalities, you can breed it at home. Thus, you can show your love to one of the nice pets you have.

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