What You Must Know About Cat Breed Scottish Fold

Cats can be the mood booster when you are sad. You can hug them, or play with them to cheer you up. Generally, all cats have a cute face and so funny. One of them is the Scottish Fold cat. You can adopt the cat breed Scottish Fold in two or three because just having one is not enough. Having one is funny, and having more will be so much fun! So, you must know more about cat breeds Scottish Fold first.

Breed Scottish Fold

History and Personality of Cat Breed Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold originated from a white cat named “Susie”. She found in Perth Shire, Scotland, at 1961. Susie has unusual ears. Her ears are folded forward like an owl. Then, Susie had children at 1963. Two of them were born with folded ears. And, one of them was adopted by William Ross, named “Snooks”.

William Ross, who had adopted Snooks, registered his cat to the GCCF (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy) in England, at 1966. Then, he started the breeding with the help of a genetic expert, Pat Turner. The results of the breeding program were 76 kittens with 42 of them had folded ears, and the rest had straight ears.

The Scottish Fold cat is an active and easygoing that enjoy to following people around and being involved in all activities they are doing. You will never feel alone when you have a Scottish Fold. They are smart and curious. They will open the cabinets just to see if they can find something to play with or snack on. And, they are also sensitive to human feelings. They will know whether you are happy or not.

Cat Breeds Scottish Fold: Do and Don’t!

There are some tips about what to do and don’t:

  1. Often feed them

They will get closer and lover to the owner that often give them a food and snack.

  1. Get them to play and take a walk

They are an animal that loves to be outside the house. Take a walk around the park, or playing ball together in the yard.

  1. Don’t leave them alone!

They hate to be alone because it makes them stress and depressed. So, don’t let them alone.

  1. Don’t breed two Scottish Fold

Why? This is because the genetic mutation can cause some hearing issues. It will be different with a normal cat that born without hearing or with the significant hearing loss.

If you want to have good playmates and also best friends to share anything, cat breed Scottish Fold is the best choice. Because they can be both!

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