The Hidden Facts of Scottish Fold Longhair Cat You Didn’t Know

There are many facts that you might not know about the Scottish Fold Longhair cat. Besides their folded ears that look like an owl, they also have many others uniqueness that you should know.  The Scottish Fold Longhairs are cats with various uniqueness in terms of physical, character, and temperament. You will think that they are different from other cats breed. There will be hidden facts about them that when you know those, will make you more falling in love with them.

scottish fold Longhair Ca

The Scottish Fold Longhair Cat Physically

They have folded ears which bend forward and downward. The medium-sized has a round and stocky body with the short legs. Their head is round and wide with a short neck. The large and round eyes are wide open with the blue-eyed or odd-eyed colors. Their nose is short and softly curved. All of those making them have an owl-like appearance.

They also have a thick and double coat which comes in a longhair and shorthair variety. In the longhair variety, the coat is full on the face and body. They have weight around 6 – 13 lbs. They have life expectancy for about 10 – 15 years.

The Temperament of Scottish Fold Longhair

They are mellow, friendly, sweet-tempered, and smart. They will adapt easily to new environments, peoples, and other animals. They can share easily with other pets. They will follow you, as the owner, from one room to the other rooms faithfully. They also love the physical contact with people they trust. And they are active animals, but will rarely use their voices.

They very enjoy playing and hunting. You can pay puzzles with them. For example, you hide their food on a shelf, and then, ask them to look for it. They even like to open the cabinets just to know if there is something they can eat or not.

The Health Problems They Have

You cannot breed the kittens from the two Scottish Fold cats breed. Some possibilities of abnormalities can happen when two Scottish Folds mate. It causes the stiff tails and legs that will reduce their quality of life. And also, reduce the lifespan of the cats. It can even cause the deafness.

The type of Scottish Fold Longhair cat is a cat who likes people, loyal, and not noisy. They are the right choice for those of you who like to walk around and like to have an independent animal.

Let’s Get Closer With Scottish Cats Fold that is cute’s

As a cat lover, you must know about Scottish fold dwarf cat, right? It is not like other common Scottish fold cats or Scottish kittens. There are some differences between them. Mostly, the Scottish cat has a round face, round eyes and also forward-folded ears. This kind of cat has those features. However, there are several matters that make it different from other common Scottish fold cats. What are they? Just take a good look the explanation below.

scottish fold dwarf cat

The distinctions of Scottish fold dwarf cat to other commons cats

  1. Has short legs

The first feature that you can see from this kind of cat is to have shorter legs compared to other Scottish Fold cats. It can happen because of the genetic mutation. The appearance of this cat is not like certain cats with an undersized body. It shows a symptom of genetic disorders of cartilage and bone. In this case, it can make this cat to have a short leg that causes a condition of dwarfism.

  1. Has thicker legs

Besides shorter, this kind of cat also has thicker legs compared to other normal Scottish fold cats. With shorter and thicker legs, this cat looks so unique and funny.

  1. Has a smaller body

If you compare this cat to other normal same-age cats, the body size is totally different. This cat gets so smaller size. The comparison is like to compare the dwarfs with a human. The body size looks so small when they are compared.

Possible issues related to dwarfism in the dwarf Scottish kittens

  1. Irregular joints and body movements

The first issue that may come to this kind of cat is to have irregular joints. In this condition, it can also make irregular movements compared to the normal cats.

  1. Irregular spine formation

Besides joints, this cat may also get irregular spine formation. This case can make the look of this cat become odd or unique.

  1. A larger head with an abnormal muzzle and big jaw
  2. Flattened chest

This issue may happen to this cat. When it happens, it can possibly impact its breathing.

  1. No mature coat

This fifth issue is possible to happen as well to this dwarf cat. In this matter, this cat will never acquire adult guard hair. It is so unique, isn’t it?

Since the Scottish fold dwarf cat has the abnormal condition, it is your duty to breed and love it well. As good breeders, you will, certainly, give a good care to this cat and love it as you love the normal cats. That is all about the dwarf cat that can, hopefully, make you get closer to the pet.

The Personality and Health Problem of Orange Scottish Fold Cat

The first impression when we see an orange Scottish fold cat is definitely a cat that looks cute and adorable. It is better for you to know the orange Scottish fold cat personality before making it as a pet. The orange color looks unique and adorable like a doll so that many people like it. In addition, its uniqueness arises from the shape of the body that is not too large and also the shape of the face that looks different. You will definitely feel anxious about having a pet like this and will make it a pet.

But if we look more closely, it turns out that there is something strange about this cat. The strange part was that his ears were folded so he was named Scottish fold cat. With a physical like this, his face is almost similar to an owl. This happens because of natural gene mutations that affect their physical shape. As a result, his ears are folded and bent forward as you see now.

orange scottish fold cat

Orange Scottish Fold Cat Personality

If you want to make it as a pet, you better knew first about his personality. This is very important so that you can treat it properly according to its nature. Orange Scottish fold cat is always sleeping with his back or sleeping on the floor like a small frog. Even though the condition of his ears looks imperfect and looks different from most cats, this is not a big problem. He can still use it to communicate fairly well and effectively.

This cat is quite active and intelligent so that you will play with orange Scottish fold cat to train its agility. One of the things that he likes is to interact with humans. This cat really likes to be noticed and invited to interact. So if you are at home, invite him to play with a simple game because he doesn’t like to be left alone.

Health Problem Of Scottish Fold Cat

The thing that often worries when maintaining a cat is his health. Moreover, this type of cat is a mixed cat that has various genetic problems and moreover that related to their health. Some diseases that can occur include the presence of a disease in the joint. This has a bad impact and makes this cat unable to mobility properly. Other diseases that may occur are the tail which can become stiff and of course, makes you who have it feel worried.

So, if you want to make the orange Scottish fold cat, you must treat the cat properly. You will check their condition in the veterinarian regularly and be aware if you find something that suspicious. Choose the orange color is also a good choice because the color looks so unique and so adorable.

5 Unique Things about Munchkin Cat Scottish Fold Mix

There are many people who like Scottish Fold cats. The Scottish Fold cats are one of the cat breeds that has a stocky body, but not lazy. They are active, friendly, and quiet. There are many Scottish Fold cats breed, one of them is Munchkin Cat Scottish Fold Mix. You must adopt them because they have the unique that cannot be found in other cats. For more detail, you can read the explanation about Scottish Fold Munchkin.

munchkin cat scottish fold mix

What Makes Munchkin Cat Scottish Fold Mix Unique

There are 5 things that make the Munchkin Cat Scottish Fold Mix being very unique. The followings are that uniqueness:

  1. They are physically different from other cat breeds

They have a round face, big and round eyes, short nose, stocky body, and short legs. Something that most unique and makes them different to other cats breed are their ears. They have ears that are folded forward. It makes them look like owls from a distance.

  1. They don’t like to make a lot of voices

They are an active animal outside, but a quiet animal inside. They don’t like to make a noise. That makes you can bring them comfortably because they will keep calm along the day.

  1. They are intelligent

They are responsive or can understand everything quickly. They will quickly understand the puzzle game of hiding the food, and they are tasked to find it. They will also chase the ball quickly when you throw it.

  1. They are not born with folded ears

Their ears will just start to fold at the age of 3 weeks or age 21 days. So, if you have a kitten, don’t worry if it doesn’t have folded ears. Wait for 3 months and you will see the ears that folded forward like owls!

  1. They have many colors

It is similar to other cats breed. They have many colors such as grey, black, white, orange, or mixing of two colors.

What Must To Do and Mustn’t To Do with Scottish Fold Munchkin

The Scottish Fold Munchkins are a social animal. Don’t worry to bring them to the crowded or to a place that many people there. Also, take your time to take a walk with them. Your cat must be happy if you take them a walk to the town square or public park. Then, they like crowds. It makes them didn’t like the opposite, loneliness. Don’t leave them alone or your cat will be stress.

When you have decided to adopt a Munchkin Cat Scottish Fold Mix, it means you have prepared yourself to make them happy. Rest your time to take them a walk, or just simply, have a joke with them.

4 Real Facts about the Scottish Fold Cat Temperament

Everybody in this world has the own temperaments. That is not only for humans but also animals. When you are in gloomy days, you can cheer your mood up by having a joke with your cat. Knowing the Scottish Fold cat temperaments will make you know about what makes them happy and not. Besides taking care of your own mood, you must pay an attention to your cat also. That’s why it is important to know the Scottish Fold cat personality.

scottish fold cat temperament

4 Facts about the Scottish Fold Cat Temperament You Must Know

Before you know how to treat them well, you must know all about their temperaments first. Here 4 facts about their temperaments:

  1. They are smart

They will be very happy to play puzzles. For example, you hide their food, and they guess it. They also like to open and close the cupboard or jar to know if there is anything they can eat.

  1. They are affectionate

They are animals that full of affection. They will know whether you are happy or sad. They also know how to cheer you up, and how to get back of your mood to be cheerful again. One tip to get them closer and love you more is you must often feed them.

  1. They are playful

They are active animals that very happy to have a play. Games such as throwing and catching the balls, chasing each other, or even dancing together, will make them happy. They also like to be outside the house. Such as enjoying the park, or take a walk around the house.

  1. They are quiet

They will be quiet and not noisy. Even when you take them out of the house, they will calm down and not make much noise. If you are looking for a polite cat, they can be the ideal choice. They don’t make a lot of voices and even don’t like it. The sound of their voice is also quite small as compared to their physical size.

The Additional Facts about the Scottish Fold Cat Personality

The Scottish Fold cats can easily adapt to any family size. But, usually, they are not very friendly to kids because the kids usually hurt them. So, make sure the kids are respectful and polite toward the cats. They also don’t like to be alone, because it will make them stress. So, you must have some time for your feline if you have adopted them.

If you are looking for a polite, adorable, and an active cat, the Scottish Fold is the answer. The Scottish Fold Cat temperament makes them easily adopted, and naturally loved!