The Adorable Facts of Grey Scottish Fold Cat

Do you believe that there are real dolls in this world? You must believe because they really exist in this earth. They are named, “cat”. Cat has an adorable face and behavior that can make your sadness automatically disappear. There are many kinds of cats. One of them is Grey Scottish Fold cat. Before you decide to have a Gray Scottish Fold cat, it will be better if you know about their personality and everything about them first.

grey scottish fold cat

What You Need to Know about Grey Scottish Fold Cat

There is a quote “didn’t know, didn’t love”. That means you must know first about what will you love. And, here what you need to know about Grey Scottish Fold cat:

  1. They are born with straight ears

Actually, their ears were straight like the other normal cats when they born. But, in the 3 months of age, their ears start to be folded forward.

  1. They didn’t recognize by Europe

In the European’s thought, they are abnormal. Europeans think that they have hearing issues that caused by their folded ears. That makes Europeans feel they are unhealthy and not worthy of their own breed.

  1. Found for first at 1961

They are found for first in Perth Shire, Scotland, 1961. They are originated from a white cat named “Susie”. Susie’s ears folded forward like an owl. Then, she had children at 1963 with two of them were born with folded ears. One of them was adopted by William Ross.

  1. Registered at 1966

William Ross registered his Scottish Fold cat, Snooks, to the GCCF (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy). He also tried the breeding with the help of Pat Turner as a genetic expert. The results were 76 kittens. 42 of them were born with the folded ears.

  1. They look like an owl

The Scottish Fold cats have a round face with big eyes and folded ears. That makes them look like an owl.

What Gray Scottish Fold Cat Likes and Dislikes

As a good owner, you must know about what is liked and disliked by your cat.

  1. Love togetherness

Actually, the Scottish Fold is a social animal. They love people and happy to be around them. You can play ball together in the afternoon, or have a joke with them in your break. Also, you can take a walk around the park with them in the morning on Sunday.

  1. Hate loneliness

This is the opposite of the first point. They hate to be alone. Because being alone can make them stress.

Funny, cute, friendly, and active are the adorable sides of Grey Scottish Fold cat that must you have. Visit the nearest pet shop and be one of their owners!

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