Let’s Get Closer With Scottish Cats Fold that is cute’s

As a cat lover, you must know about Scottish fold dwarf cat, right? It is not like other common Scottish fold cats or Scottish kittens. There are some differences between them. Mostly, the Scottish cat has a round face, round eyes and also forward-folded ears. This kind of cat has those features. However, there are several matters that make it different from other common Scottish fold cats. What are they? Just take a good look the explanation below.

scottish fold dwarf cat

The distinctions of Scottish fold dwarf cat to other commons cats

  1. Has short legs

The first feature that you can see from this kind of cat is to have shorter legs compared to other Scottish Fold cats. It can happen because of the genetic mutation. The appearance of this cat is not like certain cats with an undersized body. It shows a symptom of genetic disorders of cartilage and bone. In this case, it can make this cat to have a short leg that causes a condition of dwarfism.

  1. Has thicker legs

Besides shorter, this kind of cat also has thicker legs compared to other normal Scottish fold cats. With shorter and thicker legs, this cat looks so unique and funny.

  1. Has a smaller body

If you compare this cat to other normal same-age cats, the body size is totally different. This cat gets so smaller size. The comparison is like to compare the dwarfs with a human. The body size looks so small when they are compared.

Possible issues related to dwarfism in the dwarf Scottish kittens

  1. Irregular joints and body movements

The first issue that may come to this kind of cat is to have irregular joints. In this condition, it can also make irregular movements compared to the normal cats.

  1. Irregular spine formation

Besides joints, this cat may also get irregular spine formation. This case can make the look of this cat become odd or unique.

  1. A larger head with an abnormal muzzle and big jaw
  2. Flattened chest

This issue may happen to this cat. When it happens, it can possibly impact its breathing.

  1. No mature coat

This fifth issue is possible to happen as well to this dwarf cat. In this matter, this cat will never acquire adult guard hair. It is so unique, isn’t it?

Since the Scottish fold dwarf cat has the abnormal condition, it is your duty to breed and love it well. As good breeders, you will, certainly, give a good care to this cat and love it as you love the normal cats. That is all about the dwarf cat that can, hopefully, make you get closer to the pet.

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