The Most Complete Information About the Long Haired Scottish Fold Cat

The Scottish Fold cats are the unique cats that have a look like an owl. They have a round face, big eyes, and folded ears. They also have a sturdy body that covered with long hair and padding. Are you interested in them? Here the most complete information about the long haired Scottish Fold Cat. Besides the Scottish Fold Longhair, there are still many other kinds of Scottish Fold. But, almost all of types have the same characteristic and personality.

The History of the Scottish Fold Cat

The first Scottish Fold found in Perth Shire, Scotland, at 1961. The cat named “Susie”. Susie was a solid white longhaired female with her folded ears. Then, at 1966, William Ross adopted one of Susie’s breeds, named “Snooks”. And, he registered his cat to the GCCF (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy) in England.

The Personality of the Long Haired Scottish Fold Cat

The Scottish Fold cats are smart, curious, and loyal to their family. They will not hide around the house or be shy, but they will always be around and following you from a room to other rooms. They also like to open cabinet doors. Then, they will take a look inside hope there is something they can eat. They also love to do the outdoor activities such as playing outside or enjoying the walk around of the park.

long haired Scottish fold

Most Scottish Folds sit up like dogs to have a look around when they hear something. Their feet will be opened up, and their hands are placed between their legs. Most people called that position as “the Buddha sits”. They will look like they need a remote control and a lounge chair.

How to Traits the Scottish Fold Long hair

The Scottish Folds come in all colors and patterns such as long hair and short hair varieties. Scottish Fold cats have round in all parts of their body like round faces, round eyes, and round bodies. They are a medium sized cat. What makes them so cute are those folded ears that fold forward. Those ears make them look like an owl from a distance. Then, how about the Scottish Fold kitten? They will look like other newborn kittens. But, in around the age of 18 – 24 days, their ears will start to be folded forward.

The Scottish Folds are the unique cat with the cute personalities. They will color up your days. Of course, if you color up their days also!

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