5 Unique Things about Munchkin Cat Scottish Fold Mix

There are many people who like Scottish Fold cats. The Scottish Fold cats are one of the cat breeds that has a stocky body, but not lazy. They are active, friendly, and quiet. There are many Scottish Fold cats breed, one of them is Munchkin Cat Scottish Fold Mix. You must adopt them because they have the unique that cannot be found in other cats. For more detail, you can read the explanation about Scottish Fold Munchkin.

munchkin cat scottish fold mix

What Makes Munchkin Cat Scottish Fold Mix Unique

There are 5 things that make the Munchkin Cat Scottish Fold Mix being very unique. The followings are that uniqueness:

  1. They are physically different from other cat breeds

They have a round face, big and round eyes, short nose, stocky body, and short legs. Something that most unique and makes them different to other cats breed are their ears. They have ears that are folded forward. It makes them look like owls from a distance.

  1. They don’t like to make a lot of voices

They are an active animal outside, but a quiet animal inside. They don’t like to make a noise. That makes you can bring them comfortably because they will keep calm along the day.

  1. They are intelligent

They are responsive or can understand everything quickly. They will quickly understand the puzzle game of hiding the food, and they are tasked to find it. They will also chase the ball quickly when you throw it.

  1. They are not born with folded ears

Their ears will just start to fold at the age of 3 weeks or age 21 days. So, if you have a kitten, don’t worry if it doesn’t have folded ears. Wait for 3 months and you will see the ears that folded forward like owls!

  1. They have many colors

It is similar to other cats breed. They have many colors such as grey, black, white, orange, or mixing of two colors.

What Must To Do and Mustn’t To Do with Scottish Fold Munchkin

The Scottish Fold Munchkins are a social animal. Don’t worry to bring them to the crowded or to a place that many people there. Also, take your time to take a walk with them. Your cat must be happy if you take them a walk to the town square or public park. Then, they like crowds. It makes them didn’t like the opposite, loneliness. Don’t leave them alone or your cat will be stress.

When you have decided to adopt a Munchkin Cat Scottish Fold Mix, it means you have prepared yourself to make them happy. Rest your time to take them a walk, or just simply, have a joke with them.

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