What You Must Know about Scottish Fold Cat Adoption

When you just got back from work or school, it may be a tiring day. But, when you see your cat pick you up at the door, your tired will automatically disappear. Adopting a cat is something fun. The most recommended one is Scottish Fold cat adoption. Some things you need to know about Scottish Fold cat for adoption are facts about them, such as characteristic, personality, and price.

scottish fold cat adoption

To Be Known Before Do the Scottish Fold Cat Adoption

Before you adopt the Scottish Fold Cats, it will be better if you know them first.

  1. Love to human

They are friendly, social and not afraid of human. Even, when you invite your friends to do a party at your house, the cat will join confidently. They will walk around under the chair without worry.

  1. Playful

They are also active and full of joy. They will be your partner for playing ball, listening to the music, and chasing each other.

  1. Dislike the loneliness

The loneliness makes them feel stress and depressed, that is why they did not like it.

  1. Look like an owl

They look like an owl because have a round face with big eyes, and the folded ears.

Problem That May Affect the Scottish Fold Cat

No one is perfect, even with the Scottish Fold cat. There are two health problems that may affect the Scottish Fold Cat:

  1. Degenerative joint disease

This disease attacks the tail, ankle, and knee joints area. Those areas will get pain or poor mobility. So, it is important to handle the tail carefully when it has developed stiffness.

  1. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

It is a form of heart disease. Actually, it has been seen in the breed, but it has not yet been proven to be a heritable form of the disease.

Price of Scottish Fold Cat for Adoption

The 3 months of a cat without vaccinated have the price around $115 – $192. Then, the 6 months of cat has the price around $384 – $538. Meanwhile, the 3 months of cat that has been vaccinated is around $153 – $230. Then, for 6 months is around $423 – $576. The prices may seem pricey, but actually, it is comparable to the cuteness of the cat.  To get them, you can visit the nearest shop.

Let’s do the Scottish Fold cat adaption now, or you will regret!

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