Recognizing essential Matters to Have Scottish Fold Cat Breed

Hi cat lovers! Do you ever think about CAT BREEDS? As cat lovers, it must be a good experience for you. In relation to cat breeds, it is good for you to try Scottish Fold Cat Breed. This cat is very lovely and interesting. Generally, it has a medium size. It is easy to recognize with its rounded head and big round eyes. Besides, this kind of cat has a unique look. It can be seen from its ears that fold forward. That is why it looks like a furry owl.

scottish fold cat breed

Personality to know for Scottish Fold Cat Breed

When you want to breed the Scottish Fold Cat, there are personalities which are suggested to know. Here they are.

  • Friendly to people

Literally, this pet is a curious and outgoing cat. He can always enjoy following his owners wherever they go. Besides, this cat also likes to be involved in anything done by the owners. Thus, it is nice for you to breed this pet since you will never feel lonely while spending time with him.

  • Clever pet

To be clever is the right words for this cat. It can be so because this cat is able to open cabinets by himself. He often does it to see whether they can find something to eat or anything to play. Then, this pet can also splash at water using his paws. Sometimes, he can steal the owners’ food from the plate. Those facts can show that this cat is so clever.

Those general personalities above will make you happy every time when you decide to breed this kind of nice cat.

Health to notice when you decide to have Scottish Fold Cat Breed

Health is very important for the cat if you need him to stand for a long time. There are essential tips you can do to make him stay healthy. Below are the tips to follow:

  • Prevent the cat from obesity

To have abnormal weight is a big problem for the Scottish Fold Cat. This condition can bring serious problems with his health. Thus, you should always manage his food servings per day well and often supervise his weight.

  • Care for them every day

When you want your cat to be healthy, you can care for them every day. Make sure he always stays clean and far from dangerous things.

When you decide to have Scottish Fold Cat Breed, all you can do is to do the best for him. To know his personalities and maintain his health can be the right ways for you to show your love to him.

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