7 Reasons Why You Must Have Scottish Fold Cat House

Cats are an emotional animal that can understand any human feelings around them. There are many kinds of cats in this world. The unique one is Scottish Fold cat. They are so friendly and sensitive. When you are happy, they will play together with you actively. Then, when you are sad, they will get closer to you and try to cheer you up. That’s why you must have Scottish Fold Cat House soon!

Scottish Fold Cat House
Scottish Fold Cat House

Facts about Scottish Fold Cat House You Must Know

There are some facts about the adorable Scottish Fold cat:

  1. Actually, their ears are straight

They are born with straight ears and no folded. Until 3 weeks of age, their ears start to be folded. So, if you have a kitten, you must wait for about 3 weeks to know your kitten is a Scottish Fold or not.

  1. Europe didn’t recognize them

Why? Because Europeans think that the Scottish Fold cats are abnormal. They have many different hearing issues with their folded ears. So, Europeans feel they are unhealthy and not worthy of their own breed.

  1. They love to play together

When you have a Scottish Fold cat, ask them to walk around the park. Or, ask them to play together outside, such as play ball or chase each other.

  1. They hate loneliness

Scottish Fold Cats are social and love people. They hate to be alone because it will make them stress and depressed.

  1. They are so cute

They have a round face, big and round eyes, and a small nose. All of those make them look so cute in everyone eyes.

  1. They have an owl-look

If you look at Scottish Fold cat closely, they will look like an owl. That is because their eyes folded to forward. Also, because they have a round face and big eyes, like an owl!

  1. Warning, don’t breed two Scottish fold cats!

The reason is that the genetic mutation causes some hearing issues. It is different with a normal cat that born without hearing or with the significant hearing loss.

For Your Information, How Much does The Scottish Fold Cat Cost?

There are two types that can be chosen: not vaccinated or has been vaccinated. The price for age 3 months with no vaccinated is around $115 – $192. Then, for age 6 months is around $384 – $538. The second type, the price for age 3 months of Scottish Fold cat that has been vaccinated is around $153 – $230. And, it is around $423 – $576 for age 6 months.

All prices above are so cheap for the adorable Scottish Fold Cat House. Love the cat, and the cat will love you, too!

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