Five Best Scottish Fold Cat Names

By the way, have you recognized the best Scottish Fold Cat names? If it is the first time for you, just pay attention well! Actually, it is important for you to know the cat names. Especially, for people who have the cat of Scottish fold. By knowing the Scottish Fold Cat names, the breeder of this cat can give the best and funny name to their own cats. So, in this following discussion, it will be available for you five best names of the Scottish Fold cat.

scottish fold cat names

Best Scottish fold cat names

In relation to the names of the Scottish fold cat, there are five best names that you can know. Here are they:

  1. Blaire

The first best name is Blaire. This kind of cat has a combination of fur color which is black, white, and grey. Then, the color of the eyes is grey too. For the ears, it has small ears.

  1. Douglass

Douglass has yellow and white color for the fur. And for the eyes, they are yellow. This cat looks so cute.

  1. Hydra

The third best name is called Hydra. This kind of cat has brown and black color combination for the fur. However, around mouth and nose, it is white.

  1. Jacky

This kind of cat looks very cute and beautiful. Why can it be like that? Well, it is because the color of the fur is just white. So, the fur is so soft.

  1. Kinny

Kenny cat has grey fur. However, for the eyes are yellow. Two ears are also small.

Male Russian Cat Names

On the other hand, there are also some list male names which are so famous in Russia. Are you curious about them, guys? Yea, let’s check them out one by one!

  1. Alexander

The first male name of the cat is called Alexander. This name has traditional meaning. It means that the protector of mankind.

  1. Valery

Then, there is also the name which is Valery. It has two meanings that you should know. The first one means strength and the second one means health.

  1. Anton

The third male cat name in Russia is Anton. What does it mean? Do you know it? Well, this name has a meaning which is worthy of praise. It is so beautiful, right?

  1. Maxim

This cat name is so meaningful. Why can it be like that? It is because this name means the greatest. It can be in everything.

Well, those are the review of the best Scottish Fold Cat names. Besides, there are also some lists of male cat names in Russia. Thus, you are allowed to choose one of the names above based on your need.

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