Logical Scottish Fold Cat Price You Must Know Before Buying the Cats

Everyone realizes that the Scottish fold cat is a unique and nice pet to take care. You must agree to that matter, right? From that matter, there are many people who adopt and buy the kittens of this cat to breed. Then, the question is, how much does a Scottish Fold Cat cost? As the Scottish Fold cat lovers, some people including you must wonder the Scottish Fold Cat price. By knowing it, you can estimate how much money you should spend on this kind of kittens.

scottish fold cat price

The Scottish Fold Cat Price You Should Cost For Each Kitten

There are two important kinds of the kitten prices you need to know. However, the price is usually based on the quality and characteristics of the kittens. Here are two kinds of kitten price on average.

  • Straight ear

The characteristics of all Scottish Fold Cats are almost the same. However, there are two essential differences that can vary the price. The difference is in the kind of ear. Well, for the first kind, let’s talk about the straight ears price. For each kitten with this characteristic, the price starts at $850. The price can be less or more based on the quality and size.

  • Folded ear

The second characteristic that can vary the price is the kitten with the folded ear. The kitten with this characteristic generally has a more expensive price than the cat with a straight ear. How much is the kitten with a folded ear? Well, the price for each kitten with folded ear starts at $1650. This price is far higher than the straight ear kitten.

The Payment Option to Buy This Scottish Fold Cat

Talking about the Scottish Fold Cat cost, you certainly need to know the payment option you can do. It is important to know when you need to pay for the kitten after buying. So, here are the payment options you can choose.

  • Money order

Firstly, you can make the payment with the service of a money order.

  • Personal checks

You can also choose the personal checks for them in relation to the payment option. However, it is acceptable for certain deposit only.

  • Cash

The third and this last option is the simplest option you can choose. By choosing it, you can just come and pick up the kitchen you want in a person. After that, you can pay cash for it.

To know the Scottish Fold Cat price is important. By knowing it, it will be easy for you to prepare the budget to get a kind of these cute pets you want.

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