The Different Scottish Fold Munchkin Cat Price and Other Specifications

When talking about the Scottish fold munchkin cat price, what do you know about that? It is, of course, will be different in every country for its price because of the Munchkin Cat for sale. As you know that the Scottish fold munchkin cat is a cross between a Scottish fold and a munchkin cat. It is hoped in order to be able to produce the Scottish fold folded ears and also the munchkin short leg kittens.scottish fold munchkin cat price


The Scottish fold munchkin cat price and key advert facts in London


Actually, the cat of Scottish fold munchkin has a specific price. In this case, you can find this cat in London, North London. Well, let’s see the specification price and facts!

  • Price

Talking about the price of this Scottish fold munchkin cat, it is up to 850.

  • Temperament

Related to the temperament factor, this kind of cat has some characteristics. They are affectionate, intelligent, loyal, playful, social, sweet, and loving.

  • Weight

It is of course for all the animals; especially this cat has two types, male and female. For the male cat, it has 7 up to 11 pounds. While for the female cat, the weight is 5 up to 8 pounds.

  • Colors

For the colors of this cat, it will be available for you some colors. They can be white, black, blue, red, cream, and also silver.

  • Lifespan

This kind of cat has a lifespan for about 11 up to 14 years.


The price and key advert facts of Scottish fold munchkin cat in Barking


Here are the price and other specifications of the Scottish fold munchkin cat in Barking:

  • Price

You need to know that the price of that kind of cat is expensive enough. Do you want to know it? Yea, it is up to 1,200.

  • Pets current age

It means that this cat is fully weaned at least 8 weeks. It will be like that before it leaves their mothers.

  • Characteristics

For this kind of cat, you can see the characteristics of it. They are so beautiful because they have some interesting colors. Besides, they are also healthy and need affection and care from the breeders.

  • Appearance

For the appearance, this cat has medium size. Then, it also has short or long coats. Besides, the eyes are large round so that it has piercing eyes.


Those are the Scottish fold munchkin cat price and other specifications in London and Barking. Both are really different, right?

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