Get to Know More about Scottish Fold Munchkin Cat

Hi cat lovers. Have you ever known about Scottish Fold Munchkin Cat? If you never know it, now, let’s find it out. Well, there are some matters to know about the Muchkin Cat Scottish Fold. The easiest way to recognize it is by considering its characteristics. If you take a glance at this cat, it will look cute and friendly. Besides, it has several characteristics that can differentiate it from other kinds of cats. So, take a look the explanation below related to this cat’s characteristics.

scottish fold munchkin cat

The General Characteristics of Scottish Fold Munchkin Cat

There are matters of things to know to recognize this cat. You can know the characteristics of this cat below.

  • Weight

First, you can recognize this kind of cute cats by its weight. The weight of it is about six to nine pounds for a female in common. While for male, it can reach 9-13 pounds.

  • Expectancy of life

The second characteristic of this cat is the exclusive life expectancy. It can stand for 15 years on average for you.

  • Face

For the face, this cat has a round face.

  • Ears

There is a unique look of this cat. It is about the ears which are flat.

  • Eyes

When you see the eyes, you will be amazed since it has big and circular eyes.

  • Body and legs

The body of this cat seems to have a round structure. For the legs, this cat has short to medium length.

Five Things that Most People May Not Know about Munchkin Scottish Fold Cat

  • This cat is a cross between the Scottish Folds and Munchkin cats. It comes from the Scottish Folds that can be identified by the ears. Also, it comes from the Munchkin cats that people can identify it by its short legs.
  • This cat has round faces with the short profiles.
  • It is a pet that has an owl-like appearance.
  • It is a very rare cat and the kittens are so difficult to produce.
  • This kind of cat is accepted by TICA as an experimental breed.

From the experiment, it shows that this cat can survive as long as the owners care for it. So, it is better for you to know the basics of taking care of this cat if you own it.

With its unique characteristics, it is necessary for you to recognize the Scottish Fold Munchkin Cat. Thus, it will be easier for you to find it and identify it as you need.

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