See the Nice Moment When Scottish Fold Cat Sitting

Hello! Have you ever seen a certain Scottish Fold video? If you have ever done it, you may ever see this kind of cat sitting or standing. Well, the look of the Scottish Fold Cat sitting is one of the best moments to see, isn’t it? It looks unique and it may become a rare activity done by a cat. Do you agree with it? The answer must be ‘yes”.

cast sitting

The interesting moments of Scottish Fold Cat sitting to see

While the cat is sitting, there are some moments which are interesting to see. Here are the nice positions of the cat sitting.

  1. Lie on the wall or other things

There is a common look that people usually see while the cat is sitting. The cat usually does it by lying its body on the wall. Besides, the cat sometimes also lie its body on other things like sofa, chair, and others. This look is so nice that it seems like a human sitting.

  1. Put the hands above the thighs

Another look that seems like human sit is the position of a cat sitting where it puts the hands above the thighs.  This position is so attractive to see because it may never be done by other pets.

  1. Put the tail between the legs

The unique look done by this kind of cat is while sitting is to put its tail between its legs. The cat put the tail in front of him. It is an unusual activity done by the cat that it usually puts the tail behind.

A place to sit the Scottish Fold Cat Sitting

From some moments found by some people, there are several places in which the Scottish Fold Cat Sit. Here they are.

  1. Corner of the room

First, you can find the cat sitting on the corner of the room. The cat may like this place because it is a comfortable side to lie its body on.

  1. Carpet

The carpet can also be the place where you can find the cat sitting. It can happen because a cat likes to play for a long time on the carpet.

  1. Sofa

A sofa becomes one of the favorite places to play for a cat. In this place, it is also possible for you to see it sits there.

  1. Mattress

With its softness, a cat usually likes to spend time and play on it. Thus, there is a possibility for you to find it sits on it.

To see a Scottish Fold Cat sitting can be a nice moment for you. So, you can breed it and spend more time with it to find it sits nicely.

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