How to Be Successful Scottish Fold Cat Breeders

To breed a pet like a cat is a nice experience for some people who like an animal. One of the best cats to breed is Scottish Fold Cat. It is a nice and unique pet that can embellish every side of your house. Then, if you want to be the Scottish Fold Cat Breeders, there are two important matters to know. You have to recognize the Scottish Fold personality and feeding and grooming well. Thus, the cat will grow well for you.scottish fold cat breeders


The Cat personality that should be recognized by the Scottish Fold Cat Breeders

There are several personalities that you should know well if you want to be the successful breeders. Here are what you can consider.

  • Temperament

This kind of cat has a sweet and gentle temperament. In this matter, the cat will be all right to play with children. Although it is good with children, you should always make sure that the children do not annoy the cat. Besides, this cat is also good for other animals. However, be careful to put this cat. Don’t place it in the same place as other dangerous animals.

  • Noise

The noise of this cat is low. It doesn’t have the ability to make a loud voice.

  • Compatibility with Cats

This unique cat has a medium compatibility with other cats. So, it is suggested for you, as the breeders, to not often let the Scottish Fold Cat play with other cats.

  • Compatibility with other animals

With other animals, this cat has a good compatibility. However, you have to always supervise its activities with other animals.

Feeding and grooming the breeders should know

Besides personality, you should also recognize its feeding and grooming. It is important to make sure its health and well growth. Here are several matters to know related to the feeding and grooming of the Scottish Fold Cat.

  • Feeding

In relation to a feeding, this cat needs at least 70-80 Kcals of food. Each day, it needs this food per kg of the body weight. In this case, it is important for you to observe the amount of food it consumes per day. To eat more amount than the normal amount may lead to obesity. So, it is wise for you to always keep an eye its activity of eating.

  • Upkeep

This cat has a short dense coat that is easy to care for. Thus, it does not need a special grooming. If needed, you can brush its coat to remove its dead hair.

  • Shedding

This cat is compatible with little shedding. So, just prepare it well.

To know the important matters related to the Scottish Fold cat’s personality and feeding and grooming is necessary for you. So, as the Scottish Fold Cat Breeders, you should make sure you can do it.