The Hidden Facts of Scottish Fold Longhair Cat You Didn’t Know

There are many facts that you might not know about the Scottish Fold Longhair cat. Besides their folded ears that look like an owl, they also have many others uniqueness that you should know.  The Scottish Fold Longhairs are cats with various uniqueness in terms of physical, character, and temperament. You will think that they are different from other cats breed. There will be hidden facts about them that when you know those, will make you more falling in love with them.

scottish fold Longhair Ca

The Scottish Fold Longhair Cat Physically

They have folded ears which bend forward and downward. The medium-sized has a round and stocky body with the short legs. Their head is round and wide with a short neck. The large and round eyes are wide open with the blue-eyed or odd-eyed colors. Their nose is short and softly curved. All of those making them have an owl-like appearance.

They also have a thick and double coat which comes in a longhair and shorthair variety. In the longhair variety, the coat is full on the face and body. They have weight around 6 – 13 lbs. They have life expectancy for about 10 – 15 years.

The Temperament of Scottish Fold Longhair

They are mellow, friendly, sweet-tempered, and smart. They will adapt easily to new environments, peoples, and other animals. They can share easily with other pets. They will follow you, as the owner, from one room to the other rooms faithfully. They also love the physical contact with people they trust. And they are active animals, but will rarely use their voices.

They very enjoy playing and hunting. You can pay puzzles with them. For example, you hide their food on a shelf, and then, ask them to look for it. They even like to open the cabinets just to know if there is something they can eat or not.

The Health Problems They Have

You cannot breed the kittens from the two Scottish Fold cats breed. Some possibilities of abnormalities can happen when two Scottish Folds mate. It causes the stiff tails and legs that will reduce their quality of life. And also, reduce the lifespan of the cats. It can even cause the deafness.

The type of Scottish Fold Longhair cat is a cat who likes people, loyal, and not noisy. They are the right choice for those of you who like to walk around and like to have an independent animal.

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