The Personality and Health Problem of Orange Scottish Fold Cat

The first impression when we see an orange Scottish fold cat is definitely a cat that looks cute and adorable. It is better for you to know the orange Scottish fold cat personality before making it as a pet. The orange color looks unique and adorable like a doll so that many people like it. In addition, its uniqueness arises from the shape of the body that is not too large and also the shape of the face that looks different. You will definitely feel anxious about having a pet like this and will make it a pet.

But if we look more closely, it turns out that there is something strange about this cat. The strange part was that his ears were folded so he was named Scottish fold cat. With a physical like this, his face is almost similar to an owl. This happens because of natural gene mutations that affect their physical shape. As a result, his ears are folded and bent forward as you see now.

orange scottish fold cat

Orange Scottish Fold Cat Personality

If you want to make it as a pet, you better knew first about his personality. This is very important so that you can treat it properly according to its nature. Orange Scottish fold cat is always sleeping with his back or sleeping on the floor like a small frog. Even though the condition of his ears looks imperfect and looks different from most cats, this is not a big problem. He can still use it to communicate fairly well and effectively.

This cat is quite active and intelligent so that you will play with orange Scottish fold cat to train its agility. One of the things that he likes is to interact with humans. This cat really likes to be noticed and invited to interact. So if you are at home, invite him to play with a simple game because he doesn’t like to be left alone.

Health Problem Of Scottish Fold Cat

The thing that often worries when maintaining a cat is his health. Moreover, this type of cat is a mixed cat that has various genetic problems and moreover that related to their health. Some diseases that can occur include the presence of a disease in the joint. This has a bad impact and makes this cat unable to mobility properly. Other diseases that may occur are the tail which can become stiff and of course, makes you who have it feel worried.

So, if you want to make the orange Scottish fold cat, you must treat the cat properly. You will check their condition in the veterinarian regularly and be aware if you find something that suspicious. Choose the orange color is also a good choice because the color looks so unique and so adorable.

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