Things You Should Know When You Want To Adopt A Cat

Lots of abandoned cats on the roadside and not maintained. For you who are the animal lovers, this situation certainly makes you feel so hurt. If you want to adopt a cat from Scottish fold cat rescue or Scottish fold cat for sale, there are several terms that you must know. With a good treatment, of course, it will give a good impact on the life of the cat. As we all know, this type of cat is very susceptible to disease furthermore with the presence of genetic mutation abnormalities it suffers.

Before you decide to take care of it, first make sure you know the condition about this cat. Especially if this cat comes from a rescue place, it would be better if you give the vaccine first. The aim is to make the cats healthier and not susceptible to disease because they have been living on the streets for a long time without anyone taking care of them. To find out more about this cat, please read the following explanations.

scottish fold cat rescue

How to take care the Scottish fold cat rescue    :

  1. Prepare a comfortable bed that suitable with its character so that the cat feels so happy living in the new environment
  2. Give enough food that suitable with their needs so that their bodies strong and not susceptible to disease
  3. Come to the veterinarian to check his health and give the vaccine
  4. Love and give enough attention to cats because this type of cat needs more attention
  5. Interact with playing and invite him to sit next to you while relaxing because he likes to interact with humans
  6. Avoid cats from larger animals that are dangerous if their physical condition is still weak when they have just arrived from the rescue site

Think twice before breed the Scottish fold cat. This cat is very suitable to be used as a pet especially for those of you who still have small children because these cats are not diverse. With a small and cute shape, of course, it’s very adorable. But you also have to know that actually breeding these types of cats is prohibited for various reasons, especially their health. This cat is a type of cat that has a genetic disorder so that the body’s resistance is not strong and susceptible to disease. Existing genetic disorders make the ears fold forward and look like an owl

After knowing the condition of the cat, it’s important for you to think twice before breed it. Because these cats live with pain due to genetic weakness which results in their health. So, it’s better if you just keep the Scottish fold cat rescue it without breeding it

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