Thinking Twice Before Decide Cute Scottish Fold Cat as Your Pet

If you want to have a cute cat, you can choose a cute Scottish folding cat as a pet. The shape is small with a round face and adorable shape like a living doll. Before you make the cat as your pet, it is better for you to know cute Scottish fold cat temperament. There is also something unique on it, the ears that are not perfect like other types of cats. This happens because of the mutation of genes in things that resemble search.

Behind this uniqueness, you should also know that this breed is prohibited. They think nowadays the Scottish fold cat has a poor health condition. If you breed it, it means you will make this type of cat have a painful life throughout the cycle. Of course, this is something that really bad and you must think twice about it.

cute scottish fold cat

The Cute Scottish Fold Cat Temperament

This type of cat really likes to be near humans and is very suitable to be used as a pet. In addition, he is a type of cat that is loyal to his employer and adaptable. In addition, this animal is also suitable to be used as a pet because it is good, can be friends with other animals and be friends with children. This cat is very happy when invited to play together because it is very active and funny.

The Reason to Banned Cute Scottish Fold Cat

Veterinarians say that breeding folding cat should be banned for health reasons. By breeding it, it means the breeding of cats that suffer pain throughout their lives. The condition of his ears is not perfect because the mutation of the genes that occur has a negative effect on his body. Not only that, but the genetic condition also makes it have a short and painful life cycle.

For the cat lovers, absolutely you want a cat with a good health condition. This is because you definitely want a good life quality of the cat and not only maintain the cat for funny reasons. The defective cartilage does not support the perfection of the ear so that the cat looks like an owl. Not only that, because it turns out there is another problem that appears in the body of a cat because of the mutation of the cartilage.

Based on the two considerations above, now is the time for you to decide whether you want to make it as your pet or not. On the one hand, you feel so sad knowing the real condition of the cute Scottish fold cat condition because this cat lives with pain. But on the other hand, you really want to make it as a pet because of its excellent nature. Just think smart and be wise to choose a pet that suite on you.


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