scottish fold cat itten

Attractive Sides of Scottish Fold Cat Kitten to Recognize

Do you know the Scottish fold cat kitten? For you who do not know, now, you can start to recognize it. After recognizing the sides of this kind of Scottish fold kittens, you can try to breed it as your lovely pet. For a brief description, this cat is cute, smart, and has a unique habit. Besides, it is friendly to people. So, it will be the right choice to be your pet in your house.

scottish fold cat itten

The attractive habit of the Scottish fold cat kitten

This cat is usually able to do some odd position. It has become its habit when it is still young. So, here are the nice habits of this cat.

  1. Flatting out on the floor

There is a fun moment that you may see if you breed this kind of cat. It is the odd position done by the cat that it often flats out on the floor. In this condition, this cat looks like a little frog. It, of course, will be a fun view you can find from your kitten or cat.

  1. Sitting up

There is an amazing habit that you should know about this kitten. Yes, it can sit like a human. It is a rare position that can be done by common cats, isn’t it?

The personalities of Scottish fold kittens

Besides attractive habits, there are several personalities you should know to recognize this pet well. Here are the three most interesting personalities owned by this kitten.

  1. Smart

This kind of pets is categorized as a smart animal. It can be seen from its activities that can show its intelligence. For instance, it can play the puzzle toys, open the door, open the cupboard, and so on.

  1. Active

This kitten is also an active pet. It loves any activities that involve people interaction.

  1. Friendly

Although it is an active pet, this cat is friendly to other animal and people. With its friendliness, you, as the breeders, can play with your cat anytime. You can spend your spare time to have a joy with it. Then, you need to know that this cat can participate in everything you do. It can always follow you doing your activities. They are like watching TV, eating, sleeping, and some other activities. Thus, it can be a nice friend for you at your house.

Considering that Scottish fold cat kitten has nice habit and good personality to human, you can try to breed and love it. You will get so much fun and benefits of breeding this kind of pleasurable kitten.

cute scottish fold cat

Thinking Twice Before Decide Cute Scottish Fold Cat as Your Pet

If you want to have a cute cat, you can choose a cute Scottish folding cat as a pet. The shape is small with a round face and adorable shape like a living doll. Before you make the cat as your pet, it is better for you to know cute Scottish fold cat temperament. There is also something unique on it, the ears that are not perfect like other types of cats. This happens because of the mutation of genes in things that resemble search.

Behind this uniqueness, you should also know that this breed is prohibited. They think nowadays the Scottish fold cat has a poor health condition. If you breed it, it means you will make this type of cat have a painful life throughout the cycle. Of course, this is something that really bad and you must think twice about it.

cute scottish fold cat

The Cute Scottish Fold Cat Temperament

This type of cat really likes to be near humans and is very suitable to be used as a pet. In addition, he is a type of cat that is loyal to his employer and adaptable. In addition, this animal is also suitable to be used as a pet because it is good, can be friends with other animals and be friends with children. This cat is very happy when invited to play together because it is very active and funny.

The Reason to Banned Cute Scottish Fold Cat

Veterinarians say that breeding folding cat should be banned for health reasons. By breeding it, it means the breeding of cats that suffer pain throughout their lives. The condition of his ears is not perfect because the mutation of the genes that occur has a negative effect on his body. Not only that, but the genetic condition also makes it have a short and painful life cycle.

For the cat lovers, absolutely you want a cat with a good health condition. This is because you definitely want a good life quality of the cat and not only maintain the cat for funny reasons. The defective cartilage does not support the perfection of the ear so that the cat looks like an owl. Not only that, because it turns out there is another problem that appears in the body of a cat because of the mutation of the cartilage.

Based on the two considerations above, now is the time for you to decide whether you want to make it as your pet or not. On the one hand, you feel so sad knowing the real condition of the cute Scottish fold cat condition because this cat lives with pain. But on the other hand, you really want to make it as a pet because of its excellent nature. Just think smart and be wise to choose a pet that suite on you.


scottish fold cat images

What You Need to Know About Scottish Fold Cat Images

You may have already known kinds of cats such as Angora or Persian cat. But have you known about the Scottish Fold cat? The Scottish Fold is a cat with folded ears. But the uniqueness is not just about that one. They still have many other facts about Scottish Fold Cat images to be known. There are many facts about their cuteness, uniqueness, and sweetness. After knowing the Scottish Fold cat breed images fact, you will be fascinated by all about them!

scottish fold cat images

Scottish Fold Cat Images Physically

One that distinguishes the Scottish Fold cat from the other cats is their ears. They have the folded forward ears that make them look like an owl. They also have a round face with big and round eyes that make them so cute and adorable. Their body is stocky with the short legs. They have many kinds of colors such as black, grey, brown, or strip of two colors.

Scottish Fold Cat Breed Images Characteristically

The Scottish Fold cat will play together with human bravely. That is because they are active, friendly, and love to people. You needn’t have to feel worried when bringing your cat to the crowded, because they can adapt anywhere easily. And, you also should not feel anxious when celebrating a party at your house. Your Scottish Fold will automatically mingle and enjoy the party with you and your friends.

The other characteristics are they are social and love to meet people. You can bring them to your outdoor activity without any worry. They are also happy to take a walk together. Take them to go around the park, or along the street around your house. Often get a play with them also will make them happy. Get a play together with such as throw and catch a ball. Or, have a joke with them along the day.

Important to not to do is don’t leave them alone. They hate the loneliness because it will make them stress, depressed, and gloomy. Accompany them and have a chat with them to make your cat didn’t feel alone. Then, one tip to do is often feed them. That is because they will get closer and love more to the owner who often gives them a food.

The Scottish Fold Cat images can be the perfect partner to have a play together. Love them and they will love you more. Accompany them and they will accompany you faithfully!

cast sitting

See the Nice Moment When Scottish Fold Cat Sitting

Hello! Have you ever seen a certain Scottish Fold video? If you have ever done it, you may ever see this kind of cat sitting or standing. Well, the look of the Scottish Fold Cat sitting is one of the best moments to see, isn’t it? It looks unique and it may become a rare activity done by a cat. Do you agree with it? The answer must be ‘yes”.

cast sitting

The interesting moments of Scottish Fold Cat sitting to see

While the cat is sitting, there are some moments which are interesting to see. Here are the nice positions of the cat sitting.

  1. Lie on the wall or other things

There is a common look that people usually see while the cat is sitting. The cat usually does it by lying its body on the wall. Besides, the cat sometimes also lie its body on other things like sofa, chair, and others. This look is so nice that it seems like a human sitting.

  1. Put the hands above the thighs

Another look that seems like human sit is the position of a cat sitting where it puts the hands above the thighs.  This position is so attractive to see because it may never be done by other pets.

  1. Put the tail between the legs

The unique look done by this kind of cat is while sitting is to put its tail between its legs. The cat put the tail in front of him. It is an unusual activity done by the cat that it usually puts the tail behind.

A place to sit the Scottish Fold Cat Sitting

From some moments found by some people, there are several places in which the Scottish Fold Cat Sit. Here they are.

  1. Corner of the room

First, you can find the cat sitting on the corner of the room. The cat may like this place because it is a comfortable side to lie its body on.

  1. Carpet

The carpet can also be the place where you can find the cat sitting. It can happen because a cat likes to play for a long time on the carpet.

  1. Sofa

A sofa becomes one of the favorite places to play for a cat. In this place, it is also possible for you to see it sits there.

  1. Mattress

With its softness, a cat usually likes to spend time and play on it. Thus, there is a possibility for you to find it sits on it.

To see a Scottish Fold Cat sitting can be a nice moment for you. So, you can breed it and spend more time with it to find it sits nicely.

munchkin cat scottish fold mix

5 Unique Things about Munchkin Cat Scottish Fold Mix

There are many people who like Scottish Fold cats. The Scottish Fold cats are one of the cat breeds that has a stocky body, but not lazy. They are active, friendly, and quiet. There are many Scottish Fold cats breed, one of them is Munchkin Cat Scottish Fold Mix. You must adopt them because they have the unique that cannot be found in other cats. For more detail, you can read the explanation about Scottish Fold Munchkin.

munchkin cat scottish fold mix

What Makes Munchkin Cat Scottish Fold Mix Unique

There are 5 things that make the Munchkin Cat Scottish Fold Mix being very unique. The followings are that uniqueness:

  1. They are physically different from other cat breeds

They have a round face, big and round eyes, short nose, stocky body, and short legs. Something that most unique and makes them different to other cats breed are their ears. They have ears that are folded forward. It makes them look like owls from a distance.

  1. They don’t like to make a lot of voices

They are an active animal outside, but a quiet animal inside. They don’t like to make a noise. That makes you can bring them comfortably because they will keep calm along the day.

  1. They are intelligent

They are responsive or can understand everything quickly. They will quickly understand the puzzle game of hiding the food, and they are tasked to find it. They will also chase the ball quickly when you throw it.

  1. They are not born with folded ears

Their ears will just start to fold at the age of 3 weeks or age 21 days. So, if you have a kitten, don’t worry if it doesn’t have folded ears. Wait for 3 months and you will see the ears that folded forward like owls!

  1. They have many colors

It is similar to other cats breed. They have many colors such as grey, black, white, orange, or mixing of two colors.

What Must To Do and Mustn’t To Do with Scottish Fold Munchkin

The Scottish Fold Munchkins are a social animal. Don’t worry to bring them to the crowded or to a place that many people there. Also, take your time to take a walk with them. Your cat must be happy if you take them a walk to the town square or public park. Then, they like crowds. It makes them didn’t like the opposite, loneliness. Don’t leave them alone or your cat will be stress.

When you have decided to adopt a Munchkin Cat Scottish Fold Mix, it means you have prepared yourself to make them happy. Rest your time to take them a walk, or just simply, have a joke with them.