A Useful Review of the Scottish Fold Cat for Prospective Owners

Have you ever known and seen this kind of Scottish fold cat? Or, is it the first time for you hearing this cat’s name? It doesn’t matter, guys. Well, Cat Scottish Fold is a domestic cat breed and has a mutation of natural dominant-gene. Because of this reason, it affects the cartilage to the body. In addition, it also causes having the fold ears that bend forward and down towards the front head. That is why this kind of cat is described as an owl for its appearance.

scottish fold cat

The Personality of Scottish Fold Cat

You need to know that this kind of cat has some good and unique personality. Do you want to know it, guys? Let’s check it out in detail!

  • Posing in odd positions

The first character of this cat is related to the habit. Actually, it always poses in odd positions. How does it look like? It usually flats out on the floor and likes a little frog.

  • Smart and active cat

Then, this cat is classified into a smart and also an active cat. Greatly, this kind of cat likes to play teaser and puzzle toys very much. Besides, it also has a favorite activity. This fold cat likes to interact with a human. Whatever people do, it always has participated in it.

  • Sweet cat

Moreover, this fold cat also belongs to the sweet cat. Why can it be like that? Yea, it is because the cat enjoys and needs people’ attention.

The Ways of Caring the Scottish Fold Cat

Related to the ways of caring for this cat, there are some that you should do if you are the owner of this cat. Here they are:

  • Comb the hair

The first caring that you can do is combing the fold cat’s hair. It is used to remove the dead hair and also you can add the skin oils. You are able to do it weekly.

  • Brush the teeth

Then, brushing the teeth of this cat is must to do if you want to avoid the periodontal disease. You are suggested to do that every day in order to get the best dental hygiene.

  • Trim the nails

Then, the third caring ways are trim the cat’s nails. You can do that every week.

  • Check the ears

Don’t forget to check the ears weekly! If the ears look dirty, you can wipe out using a cotton ball with a mixture of warm water and cider vinegar.

Okay, guys, that is all about a great review of the Scottish Fold cat. You are able to find the personality of this cat and also the steps to take care of it well.

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